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This line from the passage "our taverns and our metropolitan streets, our offices and furnished rooms, our railroad stations and our factories appeared to have us locked up hopelessly," shocked and frustrated me because I view the city quite differently. i believe that the metropolitan streets and railroad stations sparks inspiration and new ideas. The city offers so much opportunity that no other places can offer. I find it really interesting that an artist can perceive such a studio and and art this way because what surrounds you is what gives you new and unique ideas to make a work revolutionary. Another passage I agree with would be, "thirdly, unspectacular social changes often promote a change in receptivity which will benefit the new art form. Before the movie had begun to create its public, pictures that were no longer immobile captivated an assembled audience in the so-called Kaiserpanorama." This was interesting to me because I didn't know what Kaiserpanorama was until reading the passage, and it didn't come to my attention that this was one of the first moving images which I thought was very interesting, It really brings a work to life and more 3-dimensional.

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After reading this article, it really made me change the way I view hackers. Hacker's have always been viewed negatively, but this article shines a positive light on hackers which I found refreshing. A quote that stood out to me was "Hackers must calculate their interests not as owners, but as producers, for this is what distinguishes them from the vectoralist class. Hackers do not merely own, and profit by owning information. They produce new information, and as producers need access to it free from the absolute domination of the commodity form." This quote was interesting to me because it really demonstrates how much power a hacker has on society to use their skills for a good cause. A good example of this good cause is free education. "Education is slavery, it enchains the mind and makes it a resource for class power. When the ruling class preaches the necessity of an education it invariably means an education in necessity," it's really interesting to read another point of view on the education system and the extent one can acquire free knowledge. I never really thought about of education in correlation to slavery, but after reading the article, I can't help but agree with the author. Education is free until a certain extent such as until High School; however, if we want to go above and beyond, ie: college, the cost of acquiring escalated quite a lot.